61 Productions

​​Jennifer Tristan is an award winning filmmaker and native of Phoenix, Arizona.  Her award winning films have been featured in juried film festivals such as the Tiburon International Film Festival, Munoz Generations International Film Festival, local performances as well as online competitions.  The Soul Invictus Gallery, which features local artists, has showcased Tristan's video work as well as her metal sculpture in January 2006.

Tristan worked with the Artist Theatre Project since 2004 where she has produced digital shorts for multi media stage productions.  These include Artist Theatre Project's production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch where she produced 13 digital short visuals in 2004.  The digital short visuals helped illustrate the story of the lead role, Hedwig.  The video visuals featured original art for Origin of Love, images of the Berlin Wall, Tommy Gnosis and more. With three sell-out weekends in Scottsdale at Tinsel Town Tavern, the production was also warmly received in Tucson at the historic Hotel Congress. The visuals were revised for the 2006 production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch performed at Soul Invictus Gallery. In 2006, 7 of her short horror films were used for Artist Theater Project's production of musical, Scream Queens. 
Tristan's short films and parody commercials have been showcased at Ice Pics Video Bar and The Rock in Phoenix in Pandora Production performances. Many of the videos are in collaboration with Scott Pierce of Pandora Productions. The shorts feature local actors including the AZ Gender Outlaws.  These performances have received rave reviews in the Echo and New Times and multiple awards.